AIM is a collective of passionate, international individuals. Founded by Belgian and Dutch architects Wendy Saunders and Vincent de Graaf in 2005, AIM brings together architecture with interior and product design to create wholly integrated products and ideas. Headquartered in Shanghai and with an office in Europe, AIM is a global studio with local feeling.

Our approach is deliberate and focused. Each project is approached individually. We pair context to concept and explore the fine line between vision and practicality. The result are unique spaces with a powerful narrative. Bold, playful, and gritty. Well-built projects with refined details. A built-in love of materials, and passion for place and purpose.


AIM is a passionate and international group of urban planners, architects and designers, who understand the value of a design process and the importance of context.
AIM is teamed up with 40 people from 10 countries, which enables us to be understanding and sensitive to projects generating from various contexts and cultural values.


Alba Galan, Baoer Wang You, Bubu Cao, Carlo Alberto Follo, Davide Signorato, Elaine Hu, Emilio Wang, Ewa Szajda, Eva Wang, Gabrielle Liu, Guanlin Lee, Haoyu Liu, Jerry Guo, Jiao Yan, Jin Kang, Jiang Cheng, Jo Jiao, Josh Ren, Lisa Xu, Luqian Lin, Marta Pozo, Mia Lei, Phoebe Zhang, Simon Huang, Shirley Woo, Song Jie, Steve Do, Vivian Wu, Victor Mongin, Weisha Dai, Wenzhao Jia, Wei Zheng, Yvonne Lim, Youjin An, Zhang Yi, Zoe Kong
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