Founded by Wendy Saunders and Vincent de Graaf in 2005, aim is a Shanghai based design studio
who design and manage a substantial number of projects throughout China and South East Asia.

Our work is inspired by its context and the fine line between vision and practicality. The journey from concept to final product is made with attention, devotion to quality and an ability to see small details within the bigger picture.
With over ten years in Shanghai, we understand the complexity of building in Asia. And having gained experience in the different scales of design, architecture and urban planning.
We have come to appreciate projects where we can combine all these aspects. Collaborative across different fields, resulting in more complete and integrated projects.
At AIM, process is part of the purpose.

AIM is a passionate and international group of urban planners, architects and designers, who understand the value of a design process and the importance of context.
AIM is teamed up with 40 people from 10 countries, which enables us to be understanding and sensitive to projects generating from various contexts and cultural values.

Alba Galan, Baoer Wang, Charles Liu, Damon Yu,Leslie Chen, Cindy Xu, Davide Signorato, Diane Wang, Elaine Hu, Eva Wang, Ewa Szajda, Gao Xing, Heather Zhang, Heaven Deng, Isabel Qin, Jiao Yan, Jin Kang, Leven Lee, Lisa Ngan, Mavis Li, Ning Cai, Patricia Wu, Peichin Lee, Ren Tan, Renee Hu, Shirley Woo, Simon Huang, Steve Do,Vincent De Graaf, Vincent Zhou, Vivian Wu, Wendy Saunders, Yolanda Bao, Zihan Zhao