28 / JUL / 2020

Are you an architect that believes good design can change the world? Do you still get excited when seeing an amazing project, wishing you had designed that? Do You still love pushing the boundaries of our profession and don’t give up easily?

If your passion hasn’t been dampened by those difficult projects where you have poured your heart and soul in and then painstakingly never gets built… If you have experience in designing and building in China but the years haven’t beaten you down. If you are a smart and strong designer, are fast and love working on different scales of design and know that concepts and details are equally important…

Then YOU are whom we are looking for!

About AIM:

We are a multidisciplinary office where AIM-ers are a handful of idealists who manage to strike the balance between satisfying our clients and satisfying our own design vision. How do we do this?
We put things into context: it’s surrounding and its purpose and in the context of what we want to say with it – resulting in a unique range of projects.

We also try to do the right things – not only BIG things but the right things. We approach design with authenticity and honesty and a touch of grit. This has been our mission from day one and we expect our designers’ work etiquette and attitude to be the same.

We believe that always thinking in the context of people and places, some of the compromises that have to be made are merely solutions leading to unexpected outcomes.

If this sounds like the kind of environment you would like to be part of and help build then send your cv to:

we are looking for :

Studio Manager with 15+ years of experience

Senior Architects/Interior Designers with a minimum of 6 years experience

Junior Architects/Interior Designers with a minimum of 3 years experience

Marketing Manager

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