16 / APR / 2021



the big old shopping mall renovation project is almost done, vertical public space with green terrace facade and a multi-connected atrium, stay tuned!


23 / JUL / 2020

Deep in the mountain, our existing first site visit to a unique architectural project that focuses on rejuvenating the mind and the body. We will take you with us along this new journey!

Xintiandi New Plaza

1 / JUN / 2020

Finding a Jungle in a concrete field, with wooden louvers and greens, we are creating an immersive garden breaking the boundaries between outdoor and indoor in an unexpected setting. Can’t wait to see the space filled with greenery. Stay tuned!

Sungang Office

14 / MAY / 2020

Behind every great architecture are numerous mock-up and testing, more mock-up, and more testing. We want the best possible result. I know, we are a stubborn bunch when it comes to design and finishes.

M Campus continues

27 / SEP / 2019

ON SITE pulls the curtain back, exposing the process of building, planning, and designing, and the many different people who interact throughout. Particularly as foreigners building in China for over ten years, our experience as architects has been enriched and influenced by what we see onsite. After all, a huge part of our ethos at AIM is that process is a crucial part of the purpose, and people are always at the heart of it.
ON SITE is a visual meditation on process, planning, and creativity.

Our clothing museum almost done:)

25 / SEP / 2019

Our clothing museum almost done:)

Cohost at West Bund

10 / AUG / 2018

Co-living in Shanghai. With a façade tile inspired by its location near the botanical gardens.

Nio suzhou

21 / JUL / 2018

In 38 degrees heat. Some on site adjustments with workers who know that attention to details can make a big difference.

M campus site

21 / APR / 2018

70 714 m2 of buildings and planning in Pudong, Shanghai. Coming along nicely.

Biggest Project

18 / JAN / 2018

Team site visit to our biggest project yet. They need to come up with a lot of love and care for all these buildings and sometimes you wonder how much love it will take to fill all this?

M Campus

2 / JAN / 2018

Sometimes the rough and radical meet the poetic in ways you did not expect.
In the basement of our hotel on the M Campus site.

Chamber Music Hall

15 / DEC / 2017

Building a chamber hall has all kind of fun requirements. The acoustic consultants recommended heavy mass and round shapes on the ceiling to disperse the sound.
These concrete domes became the signature elements of the chamber music hall.

Hidden Secrets

11 / NOV / 2017

When thinking about China, few people imagine this, and surely not as a ‘project’. The reality is different, with increased mobility through China’s high-speed railway system more and more of China’s hidden treasures get exposed to the public eye.

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