club med jinhai lake

club med jinhai lake

Beijing – 2016
Water is an eternal energy source, we are land creatures, but always drawn by water, this great water body that fills the mountain landscape is a perfect place for regeneration.

The location inspired us to call this the deer and the lake, the deer over looking the lake inspiring us to explore the nature, the antler guides us to immerse ourselves into the surrounding waters.

The analogy of the deer is strengthened by the dam, this high strong volume feels like the back of the animal. Under the spine lies the belly of the deer, the space is a lot deeper than the dam and feels like a large vessel. A perfect place for kids to play under the trees, inside the confinement and safety that this place offers.

The main building is built upon 2 existing structures, due to the dam nearby, we can use the foundations but cannot exceed the existing footprint. Simply connecting both structures defines the outline of the building.

The seemingly organic shape of it wraps around the bay and extends itself to the water with a deck that spreads out over the bay creating a boardwalk for the 100 houseboats that will be moored here. This antler also facilitates all the water sports that club med is so passionate about.

Using the difference in height on the site we enter the building on the second floor which creates a strong visual connection with the bay and surrounding mountains.
The first 2 floors are connected by a double high space at the waterside that enables overview on all activities and interactions that take place here.

A spiral staircase leads you down towards the bar and restaurants while the umbrella pillars elegantly accentuate the height of the space.

Pebbles wash up on the shore, different shapes and sizes. Different shades of stone. The interior reflects this. From materiality to organization of the spaces.The rooms wrap around a big void that runs through the whole building.

A huge stone ballroom is placed in the middle of it.The mix of a natural material pallet creates a warm environment and connects to the natural setting of this beautiful location.

Client: Riverside Group
Size: 50,035 sqm
Program: 202 keys hotel
Competition: 2016
Design scope: architecture
Design team: Wendy Saunders, Vincent de Graaf, German Roig, Diane Wang, Jaime Fernandez Rosa, Echo Zhong, Sophia Wang, Arpad Bercek, Byungmin Jeon, Patrick Wu, Lily Zhu, Judy Wang, Jiaoyan website design by LORDEYS Web Development Agency Shanghai