fushengyu resort

fushengyu resort

Mian Yang, Sichuan, China – 2015

While a spa is a place people visit for relaxation and wellness, let’s be real: the wilderness isn’t always relaxing. When designing the villas for Fushengyu Hotspring, we wanted comfortable luxury within the context of the natural abundance just outside.

This isn’t your usual cabin in the woods, but it’s no country club, either: the sculptural, timber-clad spaces have varying volumes that were designed to provide its guests with maximum contact with nature, but maintaining a sense of privacy and elegance indoors.

Big windows allow the natural light to stream in and cultivate the feeling of being out while being in.

The proximity of nature and the constant presence of water influenced the material palette for the villas, and the aesthetic veered toward warm, comfortable, and natural.

We chose elemental pieces that could be used in their natural form – wood, cork, wool.

Pops of color and contemporary furniture are highlighted against the warmness of the wood.

Many of the furniture pieces were designed and made by AIM, making this project even more personal for us.

The Fushengyu Hotspring Resort has been a special project for AIM, as it provided the unique opportunity to blend planning, architecture, landscape, and interior design.

The stunning scenery and lay of the land was also a chance to craft a totally new concept in concert with the surroundings.

It’s a project that incorporates not only the full scale of design, and, just as importantly to AIM, keeps context at the heart of the planning.

Client: Onesun Ltd.
Size: 300 acres \ 24 000 sqm
Program: Spa and pools / accommodation buildings /115 rooms
Design Scope: planning, architecture, interior & FFE
Design Team: Vincent de Graaf, Wendy Saunders, German Roig, Ivan Yu, Leonardo Colluci, Allan Yin, Claudia Juhre, Zoe Zhu, June Deng, Andrew Irwin, Shelley Mock, Dongker, Liat Goldman, Ted Zhang, Jiaoyan
Photography: Dirk Weiblen

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