glass office

glass office

Shanghai, China – 2013

A sleek glass and mirror cladding creates endless opportunities and leaves little room for illusion in this office high rise rental.

An all glass and mirror inner cladding exposes the infrastructure of SOHO’s new office building in Shanghai. The glass creates manifold reflections of the sales models and meeting rooms, while leaving the original mechanics, electrics and structure in view.

As SOHO rents out the offices in this building in bare shell state, the idea was to show the customers exactly what they are paying for. And at the same time adding a layer of inspiring luxury to it. Creating a more contemporary version of the living machine.

The program is organized by using islands in the space. These islands enable optimum experience of the models and the other functions. The existing structure and back walls of the space are cladded in mirror thus become nonexistent by reflecting the surroundings.

The islands itself are a play of glass and reflective glass. Creating a layering of transparencies through the space adding to the experience of infinity.

Membrane ceilings create extra attention for the models. Light and surfaces reflect throughout the space, further diffused by the half see through mirrors. The islands have a different material of stone or carpet, to create static moments to offset this sea of reflectivity.

Client: SOHO China
Design Team: Wendy Saunders, Vincent de Graaf, German Roig, Carter Chen, Jiao Yan website design by LORDEYS Web Development Agency Shanghai