Introlemons Anfu Rd.

Introlemons Anfu Rd.


Within our continuous exploration of how interior can be a vital component in activating and regenerating neighborhoods, this small store is a story about sweet and sour, a melancholic memory of sorrow and love.

Introlemons combines the passion for fresh lemon tea and the melancholic love story of a father for his daughter. Two different realities so distant yet strongly connected to each other.

On the first floor, Introlemons tells the story about freshness. The whole space celebrates the process of tea making.

Fully open to the street and the community, the first floor is wrapped in a steel skin, its language inspired by the truck delivering fresh lemons every day to the city of Shanghai. The overall space, neat and simple in its details, is filled with crates full of lemons, daily freshly squeezed to ensure always fresh lemon tea.

A wooden staircase directly connected to the bar counter unfolds around a central void and becomes a moment for social interaction, before guiding the customers upstairs, where a small and quiet space host an intimate cinema for few friends.

Customers can here explore more about the love story of father and daughter, and, more widely, take a pause from the chaotic city life to reflect about life and love.

Location: Shanghai, China
GFA: 180sqm 
Completion: 2022
AIM Design Scope: Interior design & Facade design
Design Principals: Wendy Saunders, Vincent de Graaf
Project Architect: Davide Signorato
Interior Team: Chen Yuan, Chris Cheng, Jin Kang
FF&E Team:Lili Cheng,Weisha Dai
Photography: WenStudio website design by LORDEYS Web Development Agency Shanghai