A bright light beckons across the street, calling to you in the clamor of Xintiandi. The light, and the world it shines from, feels freeing, full of possibility. This boundless new world belongs to JMGO’s first flagship experience store, designed by AIM Architecture. Borders blur and technology meets art in JMGO SPACE ONE.

JMGO, a tech company specializing in projectors, sells more than optimized content. Their product is about experiences, curiosity, and freedom. A projector can be targeted anywhere in a home, on walls, the ceiling or floor, even people in a home, and it can also just disappear. It is a feature and can be featureless, a product that takes away what you do not need. Something that de-clutters.

Anything is a canvas. A home becomes boundary-less. What is possible when an image is no longer limited by size or a frame no longer holds the screen? This space becomes a staging ground for new and limitless experiences, a place to cultivate freedom and curiosity at home.

Here, the product is the point and inspiration. We begin and end with a lens. The door is an aperture, a focal point intentionally shrunk to be inviting without letting too much light into the interior and compromising the quality of the walls for projections.


The store has two levels; the ground floor is the store itself, with the silver pods showcasing possible use of the products. Six capsules reveal a different ‘home scene’: bedroom, dining room, living room, office, fitness, game room. The infinite canvas that allows those stories to happen.

The store features a centerpiece table that displays the product. A mirrored ceiling enhances the height. There are futuristic elements that hint at the technology at play without losing the warmness of a home or compromising the playfulness of experience.

The concept of the store as canvas resulted in the second-floor area taking on a photo studio-like energy. Round corners blur the boundaries between walls and ceilings, making guests participate in scenes. The ceiling is a big grid with tracks that allow display panels to be configured according to exhibition demands.

JMGO is a projection of freedom, of possibility. This new flagship was created to highlight the practicalities of the product and illustrate its many opportunities. JMGO creates products that spark the imagination; so we built a world to reflect and expand upon it, content without borders.

Client:  JMGO
Location: Shanghai, China
GFA: 200sqm 
Completion: 2022
AIM Design Scope: Interior design +Facade design
Design Principals: Wendy Saunders, Vincent de Graaf
Interior Team: Baoer Wang, Leslie Chen 
FFE Team:  Lili Cheng, Weisha Dai
VM: Victor Mongin
Contractor: Shanghai Hengpin Design Decoration Co, Ltd
Photography: WenStudio website design by LORDEYS Web Development Agency Shanghai