nio house

nio house

Beijing, China – 2017

A bright, future focused showroom for a forward thinking electric car brand.

NIO asked us to design their Beijing CBD user center – the first of its kind – and benchmark design for all their future NIO House in mainland China. In Chinese, the brand is called Wei Lai, which translates to ‘blue sky coming’. To NIO, this isn’t just a pretty turn of phrase, it is a foundational philosophy – a commitment to a better future. This is a brand about driving forward, and getting there through innovation with integrity and style. Customers should not only feel good about buying and owning a car, but that when they drive a NIO, they are joining its community.

NIO’s new technology approach to car design, commitment to detail, and positive vision towards the future is felt in the gallery through combining materials that are both elementary and seductive. The choice to combine aluminum and reflecting surfaces with warm and tactile materials not just gives the space a special glow but brings in warmth that is normally associated with a home. A place where you feel comfortable. A place that inspires community. NIO House is the easiest way to experience and explore the cars, secondary to driving one, and so we wanted it to reflect the brand culture and sense of detail.

The huge cylindrical staircase leads up the second floor where NIO members embark on the personal journey of car ownership.

While so much of the car world is about engineering and action orientated design, NIO’S culture is warm, people centered, and bright. This duality is what we highlighted through physical elements in the design.

A welcoming open kitchen, living room areas, meeting rooms, and a library all fit around an open forum space where travel talks and lectures can be given. Colors and materials feel natural, creating a place that is comfortable and inviting.

NIO House in Beijing has become a benchmark for the brand in terms of manifesting strategy, concept, and philosophy through design. This is the place to plan your next road trip, and beyond.

Client: NIO
Size: 1741 sqm
Location: Beijing, China
Program: car showroom, forum, library, labs, kid camp, open kitchen, lounge
Design Scope: façade, interior & FFE
Design Principals: Wendy Saunders, Vincent de Graaf
Project Lead: German Roig
Project Architect: Fuzi He
Project Management: Cindy Xu
Designers: Carter Chen, Isabel Qin
FFE Team: Peichin Lee、Amanda Peng、Liat Goldman
Photography: Dirk Weiblen website design by LORDEYS Web Development Agency Shanghai