pakarang resort

pakarang resort

Phuket, Thailand – 2020

A new resort nestled just north of Phuket offers a comfort and luxury through intelligent design and all weather consideration.

Sat at the tip of Cape Pakarang, a land tongue north of Phuket, this small health resort consists one reception building, a spa and 22 villas. The location and orientation of each building is determined by views and the extreme weather conditions that every season brings.

They are a simple reflex towards the land conditions and outdoor living qualities Thailand is famous for.

Simple but well set up villas made of concrete and wood. Durable and warm.

Lifting the villas 80 cm from the land enables future heavy water fall or flood to flow over the land. The Tilted roof will protect from the monsoon rain.

The wood skirt around the second floor will cast shade and privacy. But also create a more natural connection to the surrounding environment.

The intimate reception building with the restaurant and pool on the roof ensures the view over the moon beach is not missed.

In the Future, the day spa will be set under a big open roof structure.Where massage, specialty treatment rooms and pools galore will be scattered between lush greens and the sounds of falling water.

Client: Private
Size: site area 9 600 sqm; GFA 2 166 sqm
Completion: under construction
Program: Health and spa resort
Design scope: planning, architecture, interior
Design team: Wendy Saunders, Vincent de Graaf, Nicolas Herrgott, Arpad Bercek, German Roig, Jaime Fernandez R website design by LORDEYS Web Development Agency Shanghai