pizza express

pizza express

Shanghai, China, 2013 – 2016

One well loved brand, multiple distinct branch locations. Design elements that allow different angles of the same brand to shine, while adhering to the commonalities through material choices, colour schemes, and kitchen lay outs.

Ranging from the “market” themed Chamtime location, the picnic in the park at Raffles, to the YYC youthful scooter themed restaurant, each branch differs in design, aesthetic and concept, and clearly articulates the Pizza Express brand. From the material choices to table layouts we try to ensure that the story and uniqueness is felt throughout.

Furniture is custom designed and sourced to fit the overall concept of the place.

The food and ease of front of house are crucial to the function of each restaurant, and the kitchens are tailored to each space and concept.

Part of the fun of designing for a big brand is finding creative ways to bring out the best of the brand’s voice, in concert with the AIM design voice – bold, fun, and unexpected.

Client: Pizza Express
Design Team: Wendy Saunders, Vincent de Graaf, Fuzi He, Lee Li Shiwa Tseng, Alejandro Felipe, Nancy Deng, Schiwa Tseng, Zhao Lei
Photos: Dirk Wieblen website design by LORDEYS Web Development Agency Shanghai