xi’an sports park

xi’an sports park

Xi’an, China – 2018

An architecture, interior, and master planning project focused on water sports, recreation, and community.

Xi’an, once an ancient capital, is one of the oldest cities in China. Now the capital of Shanxi province in Northwestern China, it proudly claims the terracotta warriors, parts of the Great Wall, and an ever growing population with eyes on modernity and innovation.

Our construction site is located near the ancient city wall, surrounded by parks and universities.The building’s program is focused primarily on water and recreation. On site, there is a swimming pool, an ice rink, and spa facilities.

We sliced the mass in order to accommodate these various platforms. Sizes vary, but it was important that some platforms to interact with each other to create a central space.

Others were designed around the interior as a way to facilitate intimacy within the private enclaves. The program as a whole contains layers that speak to the community.

The ground level of the building functions partially as a covered public space, connecting the city and the surrounding park.

The people from Xian naturally gather for outdoor exercise such as Tai Qi and dance, and the design offers activity space from dawn till dusk.

The grey brick that is used refers to the traditional local building material still easily found in the old town and references the natural surroundings such as green grass or park space often found in Chinese cities.

Just as importantly, it distinguishes itself in tone from the glossy skinned buildings so readily sewn into the Chinese urban fabric.

Size: 36 321 sqm
Design Scope: masterplanning, architecture & interior
Completion: 2018
Design Team: Wendy Saunders, Vincent de Graaf, German Roig,Jaime Fernandez Rosa,Diane Wang, Arpad Bercek, Echo Zhong, Isabel Qin, Judy Wang, Sophia Wang, Jiaoyan

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